Crunchy munchies


4 thoughts on “Crunchy munchies

  1. Brides
    in wedding vermillion,
    fine tasteful jewellery,
    crowded together
    at the venue…

    Fewer fertile fields,
    the obsession with the male crop,
    fewer girls,
    and the
    popping corns
    crowd around
    the swayamwara premises,
    packed in sections,
    so turmerically wedding-ready…..

    The brides,
    keep an open mind,
    and enjoy all;
    children’s pockets,
    little fists,
    with older folks ,flowing with beer ,
    sitting in newspaper wraps
    on trains and buses…
    just everywhere.

    The popped fellows,
    behind the plastic wraps,
    sometimes buttered in flattery,
    huddle together,
    the sex ratio
    got so skewed…….

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