Shades of green


5 thoughts on “Shades of green

  1. They lived,
    and grew together,
    in the corner
    of the
    carefully landscaped
    suffused with flowers
    of every hue
    and shade.

    Not for them
    the obsession
    with age and white
    and lines,
    and they mixed in wild abandon,
    to the perfectly manicured lawn
    and some
    hi-fi folks
    in states of permanent youth.

    And as the
    landscape architect
    walked around
    on the
    shades of green,
    just so,
    they nudged each other,
    made way for a foraging squirrel,
    forgave Luci
    for running rough shod through them,
    and backslapped each other saying,
    ” Green means
    never having to worry about your color….
    Does anyone understand ?…….”

  2. Beautiful picture complimented by beautiful verses . Hi Shail ! I see you often at Surangas’ and at Sandhyas fb wall .dropped in to say Hi .You have a nice page here 🙂 Good day !

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