Waiting to fall


5 thoughts on “Waiting to fall

  1. Hot evaporations
    of sweat
    high into the sky,
    moisture laden faces,
    facing up
    into the wind
    during practice,
    some dark forebodings
    from lightening quick folks
    and they finally
    stop drifting,
    the Olympian
    City of the Brollies.

    A gentle tapering down
    from hard practice,
    pitter-patter through
    verdant greens,
    and village downs,
    and they stand,
    on the green line,
    hanging in anticipation,
    ready for their event.

    On their mark,
    get, set,go,
    a slight leaning
    they dive
    straight into
    the pool of greens,
    some in graceful freestyle
    and some
    in a butterfly stroke,
    to the great amusement
    of flying folks ***
    chattering in the greens

    *** I do not mean V. Mallya and S Kalmadi

    • Suranga, I think you should make a book of all the pictures and the verse that you have written to go with it! Exceptional as usual. 🙂

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