C for Capture

This ‘capturer’ intent on ‘capturing’ was ‘captured’ by another ‘capturer’ equally intent on ‘capturing’!

Bali 133

To find out what was being captured by the capturers cameras as well as the many pairs of eyes, click here.

This is the entry for the alphabet C for the A to Z challenge 2013

45 thoughts on “C for Capture

    • Thanks for adding the latter part or I would have wondered 😉 It was just a spur of the moment click in between, as I was bent on watching the ‘action’ in front.

  1. I just had to know what they were looking at with such interest. At first I thought it was a safari crowd and then I saw your link and read the fascinating account behind the picture. Wow! That must have been some experience, Shail.

  2. Fantastic, Shail. Loved the photo of Trijata – we generally don’t see her highlighted in the Ramayana story! She has such a wonderful role. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the treat!

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