E for Electricians

Let me introduce you to some unique, winged and feathered electricians taking care of all electrical works in our locality. Here they are. Let your cursor linger on each picture to read what they have to say.

Well what do you think? Do you have any like them in and around your place?? 😉

This is my entry for letter E in the A to Z challenge for April 2013

54 thoughts on “E for Electricians

  1. Wow ! Perhaps they do a better job than the Human electricians ! I thought you might do E for elephant and show us the elephants at Onam – don’t ask me why I thought so !

    • Hmm…do you have temple festivals because that’s were you find elephants… or do you mean the Onam procession? I have never gone to watch it, only seen it on TV. 🙂

    • The one flying is the Greater Coucal 🙂 Thank you. Have been saving these pictures for just such a post and it came handy for the E post 🙂

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