44 thoughts on “F is for Ferris Wheel

  1. Saw the link on FB and liked it even before I saw the pic. The Ferris wheel brings such happy memories. And that my lady is a gorgeous capture against the setting sky.

    • The last couple of days, FB wasn’t allowing preview when I posted the link! And thank you! I was tearing my hair out for F and decided to go through the pictures again when this caught my eye 🙂

  2. I remain forever scared of ferries and merry go rounds and every thing which comes under adventurous rides much to the disgust of my hubby who loves every thng adventurous ;(
    lovely shot Shail

  3. Very beautiful capture! Last time, kid and I sat on a Ferris Wheel and we cried ourselves hoarse as it continued to gain speed… Never again I am sitting on this a F wheel! 😀

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