H is for Herds

Here is a herd of Spotted deer munching on their greens for lunch 


…while the herd of sad looking Sambar deer is still waiting its turn!


This is the entry for the alphabet H for the A to Z challenge 2013

59 thoughts on “H is for Herds

    • They heard the vehicle approaching and were all looking at it as one, with so much of hope in their eyes. Then the zoo guys dropped the bundles of grass/greens outside and left. The herd then waited silently and dejectedly… for whoever it was would finally get it to them.
      Thank you Usha, for the compliments 🙂

  1. olley the last one has tears or is it jst hungy 😦 🙂
    Loved the clicks. I love taking pics of animals but they r not great like urs
    one fine day i shall post one of my good clicks too

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