35 thoughts on “P for Painted Storks

  1. On the eve
    of the
    Annual Birdparty Conclave.

    The candidate on the left
    suitably humble,
    with a bit more black
    and thicker plumage.

    The older
    Bird President,
    on the right,
    finally announces
    the candidate for PM.

    “You see,
    no one can be
    purely black
    or purely white;
    With 50 shades of both,
    what matters
    is how long
    and yellow
    your beak is.
    Looks dont matter,
    what you say does. “

  2. Adding to what Kristen said or is that one is sulking and the other one is thinking hard to come up with a solution to make things better between them once again! 😀

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