13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. love the sepia (is it sepia???) and my favorite part of this photo are all the different smiles – joy is found in each one – but at the same time, one can almost feel a different strain of joyful emotion in each lady – from the lighter giggle on the far right, with the open mouthed laugh – and then second from left – with finger pointed – seems to be rounding up this comedic moment – and the far left – well this laughing smile seems as if cannot be contained.

    now I just wonder what was being discussed? ha ha – great shot.

    • Thank you for the detailed comment. I so enjoyed reading it. The truth is we ourselves have forgotten what exactly caused us to break out not laughter. And the one on the extreme left is yours truly 😉 🙂

  2. thanks for the reply – and so that is you – oh, I see – with your weapon of choice — the camera! ha ha

    Well great shot, this picture really makes me smile!

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