Sequence of events: The elusive-so-far Chintoo (yup, my friends have named the rat snake that makes an appearance now and then in and around where we stay) finds a nice resting place beneath the newly cut banana tree and nestles beneath. Along comes Luci Shail checking on her Kingdom of Fallen Trees, finds Chintoo, chases. Justifiably aggrieved and scared Chintoo disappears into the nearest space available to lie low.
After a suitable interval Chintoo slithers out and is caught in the act. Whispering humans make Chintoo pause and stare. Shutterbug Lady runs upstairs for her camera followed by crazy dog, Luci, who has no clue what’s happening, so tries to trip and make her fall. She manages to return in one piece and click Chintoo, still staring intently at the place from whence comes the whispers. Shutterbug Lady goes click-click-click. Now the voices have grown in volume. Chintoo withdraws, postponing getaway.
After lunch, humans go to take a second look. Chintoo is found taking a second chance. More clicks happen. Humans leave Chintoo, and retire for a well earned Sunday siesta. Hopefully Chintoo has gathered enough courage to slither away by now to wherever it wants to. Buh-bye Chintoo. Come again soon for another photo session!




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