3.65.365 Mom and kids

A Black-headed Ibis and her two kiddos. Initially I did not get the relationship from the distance I was viewing them. It just looked like they all were sticking together. But the way the two were looking up to the bigger one clinched it. They were Mom and her babies. And there is a Darter in the sidelines.
Clicked at Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary.



7 thoughts on “3.65.365 Mom and kids

  1. They look so beautiful! It is a miracle these birds are surviving even now! Yes, the babies are looking up at the mother! Where is the father? The bul bul parents were always together with their babies. They took turns to feed them. He might be somewhere nearby. Now, I am able to understand why some ‘crazy’ people spend hours together sitting there with their cameras and watching! I feel like doing it myself! I remember watching the bul bul babies and parents all the time!

  2. Absolutely brilliant shot !! Am glad of your DSLR, otherwise I’ll never get to see such fab shots of the birds, with my silly camera.
    Should plan more such trips with you 😀

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