9 thoughts on “The Collector

  1. That is a fascinating bird! How tall is it? I love the colors. Was this just out and about in the wild or…? Birds are among my favorites. 😉

    • This was at a bird scantuary where we could see them from afar. 🙂 If you like birds, please do check out my bird-blog pagewith only photos of birds 🙂

      • That’s a big fella! I do know when it comes to Storks, Herons, Cranes and the such you always want to be extremely careful and never get close to them. If you happen to do so – hopefully by accident – be sure to guard you face ASAP as that will be their first target, and probably the eyes. (Happened to my dad with a Great Blue Heron that was injured and he approached to check it out. Lucky he had a walking stick with him and fast reflexes. He lifted it fast enough to shield the beak that came at him! Scary. :/

    • It was collecting those leaves and grass to line its nest. It would collect a few and then fly off to the tree where its partner was working on building the nest. It was their breeding season, Many of the pairs had eggs in their nest.

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