The dragonfly plant

I don’t know what the verdict of photographers will be, but for me this is THE most favorite click of all for the time being. There I was sitting on an abandoned pipe, of which many were around. Having walked a bit to see the elephants being bathed at the Elephant Rehabilitation Center, I wanted to rest my feet for a while. This is the sight that met my eyes filling me with wonder. I clicked first, and asked questions later. “Do you notice that? Is that some sort of dried flower or an insect/dragonfly?” I asked the Lord & Master who was with me. Even as we watched, the one on the left rose up and answered my question. We are no flowers or fluff, Ma’am. Of course it was a dragonfly! And I am so glad I clicked first and posed questions later, or else wouldn’t I have missed capturing this wonderful scene?



9 thoughts on “The dragonfly plant

  1. Way too many of your shots are my favourites so I am not going to bother about picking one but this is a stunning shot… the way the focus has been achieved and the subject both are superb. Its a brilliant photograph nevertheless 🙂

  2. As soon as I saw this image, I felt, it’s special 🙂
    The trident like dry plant, the blurred out green backdrop and the two dragon flies on top… superb image, Shail 🙂

    • Thanks, Sreejith. I fell in love with it! It looks surreal, as if a scene from a movie about another planet 🙂 That is water in the background, blue and blurred.

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