Day 28: Gull watching

Shail's Nest

On this lazy Sunday, the gulls let their actions do the rambling. Clicked at the corniche in Muscat. Not perfect captures, but it will have to do 😉

1-DSC_0294 Gull, walking the ramp

1-DSC_0305 Gull jumping off the wall

1-DSC_0320 Gull bathing. Brrr…..

1-DSC_0322 Gull doing water dance

1-DSC_0368 Gull diving for the crumb that fell in the water

1-DSC_0483 Gull flexing muscles, er.. I mean, wings. So cute.

1-DSC_0523 Gulls taking flight at the hoot of the ship’s horn

1-DSC_0408.JPG Gulls waiting to be fed by morning walkers

1-DSC_0387 Gull walking towards the human with the camera.

 For more gull pictures click here

©Shail Mohan 2016


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