I am an amateur shutter-bugger with a point and shoot camera. I love my Sony Cybershot  W-150 for the results it gives me. But I am hoping to graduate soon. 🙂

…and as of Dec 2012, I HAVE graduated to a Nikon D5100.  🙂

My main hobby is writing. I blog at Shail’s Nest. I am also a closet poet. You will find my poems at Word in verse. You can see pictures and videos of my adorable Luci at Luci the dog

Updated on 7/7/14

I have a new blog just for birds, aptly titled, Only Birds. Welcome!

32 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shail, i am following A to Z participants who are blogging with the WP platform. but i am liking what i have seen so far here in your site, you take great photos! looking forward to seeing your posts for the challenge 🙂 — APRIL

  2. Ma’am am totally impressed by your pixel work………. Such amazing thing is your point and shoot exploring……Am very glad to meet you here and to witness your work…. Here am introducing a blogger I follow who have just started blogging and have few pixel work using his Sony cyber shot camera : The Learner

  3. I liked the composition in your pictures, as well as the colors ! Kerala is on my list of places to visit… I guess I can get to know this state better with your blog! thanks for visiting my blog post and bringing your blog to me notice ! 🙂

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