The A to Z Reflections

At last we are done with the A to Z challenge 2013. This is the first time I have ever joined one. I had no doubts at all that I would stick to it and complete it, and of course I have too. Though I am not going to name any one, you all know that ALL of you have been such a wonderful source of support. A2Zeders, you (we) rock! It has been one wonderful month of camaraderie and fun.

Thanks are due to the Team behind the A to Z challenge. Many thanks are also due to the participants of the challenge from all over, who hopped over and encouraged by heaping praise on my efforts. It means a lot. Do you see the glow on my face? I have you all to thank for it. Of course I am not forgetting my regulars, the non-participants, who also unfailingly dropped in to cheer me up with comments. I am just an amateur photographer and this (Nikon D5100) is my first DSLR that I have used to click the pictures for the challenge, that is, all of them except one. So the words of appreciation you all left behind means a lot to me. But for this participation my sleepy photo-blog would not have got this sudden influx of visitors. Woohoo! I am thrilled.

And yet… there is someone who is unhappy, who is shedding copious tears and sobbing in this moment of my happiness, and that someone is my main blog. So, next year to asssauge the feelings of neglect that Shail’s Nest has been feeling, I am going ot take up the challenge of writing posts over there. OMG! Did I really say that? I can’t believe I did! Sigh, now I will have to stick to my word. But whaddya know. it sure is going to be fun!

This being a photo-blog, I leave you all with a picture, in gratitude.