Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Companion is a person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another. Right? Fits the bill perfectly for Luci here. She is companionable too, rather exuberant when it comes to it though. 😀


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X is for ….?

The story of X

Once upon a time lived a human Mom and her dog Luci in Happily Ever After Land. One day Luci noticed a change in their hunky dory life. Mom was unusually preoccupied. She wasn’t throwing Herman the Hedgehog for Luci to fetch, not Moo Moo the cow either. Luci was concerned and asked Mom the reason for her listlessness. Mom confessed all to Luci.
“That’s all?!!!”  asked Luci after hearing Mom out. Intelligent dog that she was, Luci had instantly hit upon the solution to Mom’s dilemma.
“Here it is Mom,” she said,”here is your X for ya!”


Teda hai par X hai! Crooked X perhaps, but it still was X!
Mom was simply amazed at what she saw. Luci’s ingenuity had saved her day. She quickly took her camera and clicked, then uploaded the picture to her site for the A to Z Challenge.
Feeling lighter, Mom went back to playing with Luci and threw Herman the Hedgehog, as also Moo Moo the Cow, for Luci to fetch. Once again they started living happily, in Happily Ever After Land.
End of the story of X.

This is the entry for the alphabet X for the A to Z challenge 2013