Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 3 Items or the Number Three

Singers at the Muscat Festival
Morning Glory (Mauritius)
The three storks (Muscat)

Late to the party because I was enjoying a party of my own, the 25th having been my birthday and all, which meant I missed posting this entry. Linked to Cee’s post of the week: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 3 items or the number three

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

I thought a lot about this one and came to the conclusion who better to fill the ‘cheeky’ bill than myself, (Especially when I describe myself as ‘irreverent‘ and also when I go about antagonizing people left, right and center with my tongue-in-cheek observations!). But the dog had been really hopeful that she would be showcased for this week’s challenge, she being cheeky and all (After all, she takes after her Mom!) So yeah, here we are, the pair of us. Incidentally, the dog may not be looking her part, but that’s because she is bored of facing the camera oh-so-very-many-times! Or may be she is just pretending. Yup, I definitely wouldn’t put it past her 😉


The cheeky-duo Luci and Mom ~ A selfie

Linked to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky