8.222.365 One for the camera

He is Mani and earns a living by keeping cows and selling their milk, doing odd jobs for people in the residential colonies around. Some afternoons you find him fast asleep beneath a tree, taking that much needed rest. He has a family somewhere in Tamil Nadu, to whom goes most all of his earnings, for on himself he hardly spends anything. I hope to click him again. He has an interesting face.

8.219.365 Chocolate Albatross

Appias lyncida (Cramer, 1779)

Chocolate Albatross, Appias lyncida, is a butterfly of the Family Pieridae, that is, the Yellows and Whites, which is found in South and South East Asia….. The Chocolate Albatross is a forest butterfly and prefers rainy highlands, up to a level of 3000 ft. Flying strongly and swiftly close to the ground, the Albatross is frequently found in jungle clearings and along stream banks. (Source Wiki)