The parakeets at Pune

Originally posted on Shail's Nest:

During my last visit to Pune, while standing at the balcony of the Second Born’s apartment with my morning tea, I heard the all-familiar squawks. Parakeets! I craned my neck this way and that trying to spot them. No luck. Then I noticed a movement way up on the railings of a balcony some floors above mine in the next block of flats. I quickly went in, got my camera and zoomed in. There they were: Rose-ringed Parakeets in their characteristic green, red beak, a hint of blue in their tail feathers and a look of disapproval/disdain (at least, that is how it looks to me) for the rest of the world plastered on their faces.


After clicking a few pictures I realized something was ‘happening’ out there. There was one parakeet with head and half its body inside a hole in the wall while another kept watch, chasing others away from disturbing it. There…

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