Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Animals

The challenge: This week’s topic is Animals. Any animal as long as it is not a human being.  It can have two legs, wings, four legs, or even swim or live in water. For more pictures visit the page here.

Remorseful Luci


Oriental Magpie Robin outside my window


Baby elephant at the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

My entry for this week’s challenge whose theme is ‘signs:

This one is from the homestay in Wayanad where my friends and I spent a lovely weekend.


I found the one below at the Soochipara Waterfalls.


As for this one, the board itself says it all. From the rehabilitation centre for elephants at Kappukadu.


This one is from Kochi’s green lung, the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary.


The one below is from the park in the Banasura Dam area.  Don’t fall into that hole 😀


The next one is not only amusing but also puzzling. Just what it means is quite beyond me 😉 I spotted and clicked it while walking along the roads of Bangalore.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Here is a huge container for mixing rice, flour and other ingredients at the Elephant Rehabilitation Center.



The mixture is then made into huge balls and fed to elephants. For pictures of feeding, go here.



Nothing can beat this Colocasia leaf that acts as a natural container for water from the rains that fell a few hours earlier. 🙂


For more pictures on the theme, go here.